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  • SKU: HeelHugger-G
    Heel Hugger with Gel & Magnents $36.90 - $41.00

    Heel Hugger®

    This therapeutic heel stabilizer with Sealed Ice® provides relief to heel pain and inflammatory problems of the calcaneous.

    Sewn-in Sealed Ice® gel pads, located on each side of calcaneous below the level of the talo-calcaneal joint, limit lateral and medial movement of heel and provide soothing cold therapy to reduce heel inflammation.Supportive neoprene material provides compression to control edema and absorbs shock from heel strike.


    Package contains ONE heel hugger.

    Effective Treatment For

    • relief of plantar fasciitis
    • heel contusions, irritation and blisters
    • calcaneal spurs and apophysitis
    • retrocalcaneal bursitis and spurs
    • achilles tendonitis
    • subtalar arthritis
    • narrow heels
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  • SKU: LateralAnkleStabilizer-G
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    PERFORM 8â„¢

    Its lateral ankle stabilizer features a neoprene compression stocking coupled with nonelastic strapping that wraps in the figure 8.

    Perform 8â„¢ provides an easy to apply external stabilization similar to prophylactic ankle taping.

    A special design feature includes foam pads parallel to the Achilles tendon, providing protection and relieving posterior pressure.

    Effective treatment for chronic ankle sprains and weak ankles.

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  • SKU: ShinSleeve-G
    Steady Step® Shin Sleeve
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    Steady Step® Shin Sleeve™

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  • SKU: SolStep-G
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    Effective treatment for chronic heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, fat pad contusion or atrophy and calcaneal stress fracture.

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