RehaCare prides itself for its vast range of podiatry and foot orthotics solutions like insoles for plantar fasciitis, heel cups and heel wedges and a full line of podiatry materials and supplies.

We recently expanded our line of orthotic products and continue to stay on the cutting edge. We aim to ensure all podiatrists can find the best products for their patients to allow for the best treatment and recovery.


Pain-free, unattended treatment of fungal toenail (onychomycosis) with cold laser.

Avoid recurrence of toenail fungus with the clinically proven and drug free Sterishoe.

A wide range of diabetic walkers and orthotics for conditions such as heel pain.

Ease of use and accuracy improvements with HALO Digital Goniometer.

Innovative active-dynamic foot orthoses with adjustable tension screw for drop foot.

Kinesis QTUG is an objective tool for identifying older adults at risk of falling.


Shop now for high quality braces and supports for foot and ankle conditions.

Fabric lined, joint-specific cold therapy packs for treating inflammation and injury.

Retail-packed and clinical rolls of kinesiology tape in beige, black, blue and pink.

The premium Nice Strech range covers all aspects of plantar fasciitis treatment.

Designed to treat or prevent plantar flexion contractures andpressure ulcers.

Designed for easy cleaning and improved foot hygiene, with reduced bending.

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