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Back pain can be one of the most excruciating and debilitating muscle pains, affecting your lifestyle and daily activities. While you can take medications, or take plenty of rest, it’s sometimes hard to stop your daily routine. With RehaCare’s range of back braces, your back area is carefully supported to minimise pain, and ensure you can get back on track with your day to day activities.

The way our back braces work is that they support your lower back by minimising your range of movement. This is particularly ideal for people suffering from chronic back pain due to repetitive sporting or occupational activities. Our range of Neo G braces are made of durable, flexible therapeutic neoprene that helps warm stiff and tired muscles, and arthritic joints. The various fastening straps allow you a comfortable fit, designed to help provide soothing lumbar support, especially during movement. Be sure to check out our range of back braces today, providing you with easy and effective pain relief management.