RehaCare offers a range of knee braces that offers dynamic support and adjustable compression to the knee area, especially during sporting activities to provide immediate pain relief. From mild to maximum support, we have a large selection of Neo G open and closed knee braces. Neo G is a particularly well known rehabilitation product company, trusted to provide effective pain management for knee pain. The stabilised open knee support has interchangeable metal spiral stays on either side to help provide flexible support. Its open patella design and stitched buttress help give reinforced support to the patella.

If you would like to restrict knee movement even more, the closed knee support would be a perfect product that enables this. It is a great rehabilitation tool that supports and stabilizes post injury and weak or arthritic knees. Regardless of the injury you have, we have a vast range of knee braces that will effectively relieve pain and support your recovery.


Knee Braces for Injury and Pain