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    Spark Kinetic Elbow Box
    Spark Kinetic Elbow Sleeve
    SKU: SK-4041x-2
    Spark Kinetic Elbow Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $44.00.


    Spark Kinetic Sleeves utilize patent-pending technology to bring together the benefits of kinesiology tape and compression in easy to use, comfortable sleeves designed to add support and enhance performance. Plus, they are intuitive to put on and won’t leave sticky residue when removed. Now you can focus more of your energy towards achieving your fitness goals.

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  • SKU: NEOG721G
    Airflow Elbow Support $24.95 Inc GST
    • Help relieve strains, sprains and instability of the elbow during sporting or occupational activities
    • Slimline and lightweight with multi zone compression provides a snug and flexible fit
    • Fits left or right side and is unisex
    • Developed by qualified orthopaedic device designers and manufactured using medical grade materials.
    • Registered with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK as a Class 1 Medical Device
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  • SKU: RS-A20156-G
    IMAK Arthritis Elbow Sleeve $33.15 - $39.00

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    Arthritis Elbow Sleeve

    Experience the All-Day Difference

    • Effective, non-invasive arthritis relief
    • Provides mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints
    • Cotton material allows skin to breathe and keeps hands dry
    • Comfortable to use all day and night
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  • SKU: RS-A10301
    Elbow Band Universal $39.00

    Key Benefits

    • Buckle and hook and loop strap allows easy adjustment and a perfect fit
    • Cushioning foam and cotton lining for padded, breathable support
    • Use for relief from tennis and golfer’s elbow, forearm pain, cubital tunnel syndrome, tendonitis
    • One size; fits left or right arm
    • Washable
    • Not made with natural rubber latex
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  • SKU: RS-A10172
    IMAK Elbow Sleeping Brace/Splint $58.00
    • The Elbow PM offers exceptional comfort while gently immobilizing your elbow, preventing painful movements while you sleep.
    • It is a supportive brace for nighttime relief of cubital tunnel syndrome, or pain relating to pressure on the ulnar nerve.
    • It features a removable splint and dual hook and loop strap closures for customizable compression and support.
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  • SKU: NEOG458G
    Elbow Support Silicon $49.95 Inc GST


    The Neo G Airflow Plus Elbow Support features silicone joint cushions on either side to help protect, support and reduce impact on the elbow joint. Lightweight, breathable and seamless knit fabric provides Multi Zone Compression (MZC) for optimum fit, comfort and durability.

    • The product fits the Left or Right elbow and is Unisex.
    • Helps strains, sprains and instability. Helps support injured, weak or arthritic elbows.
    • Ideal for sports training and rehabilitation of sporting and occupational injuries whilst also helping reduce the likelihood of re-injury
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  • SKU: NEOG883
    Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Support Strap $27.50
    • The Tennis/Golf Elbow Strap helps provide support and relief during occupational and sporting injuries.
    • It assists with epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfers elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries.
    • Constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene with an inbuilt vibration dampening pad.
    • The product is a Universal Size (one size fits most), provides adjustable support, fits the Left or Right arm, is Unisex and is compatible with the Hot & Cold Therapy Disc.
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  • IMAK Elbow Support $69.00
    • The Elbow Support offers exceptional comfort while gently immobilizing the elbow, preventing painful movements during rest and sleep.
    • It is the #1 brace for nighttime relief of cubital tunnel syndrome. The soft fabric and breathable foam keeps the arm comfortably warm, and the cotton lining allows skin to breathe.
    • The Elbow Support features a removable splint and two hook and loop closures for customizable compression and support.
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  • SKU: RS-A10XG
    Pil-O-Splint $69.00

    Do not let carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) pain keep you up at night. Use Pil-O-Splint for effective nighttime relief.

    Rest and night splinting remain the #1 doctor-recommended conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, and the patented Pil-O-Splint was rated to be the most effective nighttime splint for the treatment of CTS. Pil-O-Splint features two dorsal splints, ergoBeads filled resting pad for palm, soft foam and polyflannel covering. Comfortable to wear all night long.

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  • SKU: NEOG896-G
    Shoulder Support $79.95


    The Neo G Shoulder Support helps provide compression, support and warmth to the shoulder joint complex without restricting movement. By stabilizing the whole shoulder the support helps to reduce strain on the shoulder capsule, ligaments and rotator cuff muscles.

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  • SKU: NEOG899
    Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Support $34.95


    The Neo G Elbow Support provides adjustable compression and support to the elbow complex and the adjustable strap helps provide variable stabilization around the elbow joint.

    • It can be used to help with repetitive sports injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow by reducing excessive movements at the inner and outer aspects of the joint.
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