RehaCare’s wrist braces provides protection to the wrist area, helping to relieve stiffness and soreness of the wrist muscles and joints. All our braces are anatomically designed to provide adequate compression and provide effective pain management, without restricting movement during recreational or sporting activities. We have a range of products, including the Wrist and Thumb Support, Neo G Thumb Brace and Wrist Band, IMAK Arthritis gloves and newest Carpal Aid products.

The Wrist and Thumb Support is one of our basic wrist compression gloves that supports strains, sprains and instability of the wrist and thumb area. Its slimline and lightweight fit, along with specialist breathable fabric ensures comfort and moisture control during sporting or recreational activities.

Carpal Aid is our newest, most innovative non-invasive device that can be worn to alleviate the symptoms of Carpal Aid Syndrome. Its skin lifting mechanism on the wrist/palm area removes pressure on the nerve, relieving aches and strain from hands-on occupations or repetitive motions.

Our range of wrist products are perfect for everyday use, or for occupations that involve repetitive wrist and hand movements including keyboard occupations, scanning groceries, construction work and many more.

Wrist Braces and Supports for Wrist Injuries


Braces and Supports

Polar Ice Hot/Cold Glove

$58.00 Inc GST

Braces & Supports

IMAK Arthritis Gloves

$33.15 - $39.00

Braces & Supports

IMAK Active Gloves (pair)

$21.20 - $24.95

Braces & Supports

Adjustable Finger Splint


Braces & Supports

Arthritis Wrist Sleeve

$33.15 - $39.00

Braces & Supports

NEO-G Thumb Brace

Out of stock

Braces & Supports

NEO-G Wrist Band