Erchonia® Low Level Laser Therapy

How Laser Therapy Works.

Erchonia uses low level lasers in the visible light spectrum. The primary mechanism for the absorption of visible light photons is the elevation of electrons to higher energy levels. This is known as molecular excitement and can be explained deeper through visible/ UV Spectroscopy.

Visible light photons match the energy volt (eV) or frequency between the orbits of electrons to move the electron to a higher state (excite). It is in this excited state that chemical reactions of molecules occur. One of the most important chemical reactions is when photons of visible light energy strike certain atoms, that energy may push an electron to a higher energy level where it can be picked up by an electron acceptor. The electron transport chain uses the high-energy electrons to convert ADP into ATP. The electron transport chain (ETC) is the primary source of ATP production in the body and is vital for life!

Electron Transport Chain

The electron transport chain is a series of four protein complexes that couple redox reactions, creating an electrochemical gradient that leads to the creation of ATP in a complete system named oxidative phosphorylation. It occurs in mitochondria in both cellular respiration and photosynthesis.

This process can not happen with infrared lasers.

The electron flow starts at complexes 1, 2, 3 and 4 then makes ATP once it reaches complex 5 (known as ATP synthase). The electron flow is limited or completely blocked if there is a “kink” in the hose. The laser targets the complexes to unkink the hose.


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Power & Penetration Myth

One of, if not the biggest, misconceptions in the world of laser therapy is that you need higher powered lasers using longer wavelengths to penetrate deeper into the body. The thought that more power means deeper penetration is not only a false claim backed by no research or any relevance to clinical data, but this concept can also be dangerous when used as a therapy without properly understanding how it works. So, let’s dive “deeper” into the argument of more power, more penetration.


Erchonia’s 1 Treatment Challenge

Experience the Transformation with Erchonia’s Low-Level Lasers. We invite you to watch an inspiring video featuring real-life stories from individuals who have experienced the remarkable benefits of Erchonia’s low-level laser treatments. Our 1 Treatment Challenge has changed lives, and now it’s your turn to see how.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

After watching the testimonials, you might feel inspired to experience the benefits for yourself. It’s easy – just click on our “Find a Provider” button. This will guide you to a qualified professional who can introduce you to the wonders of Erchonia’s laser treatments.

Clinical Trial Results

Erchonia has always used LEDs as the placebo device in our randomized, double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled clinical trials to prove the efficacy of true cold lasers over LEDs. Don’t devalue your practice with cheap, at-home LEDs.

What Laser is Right for You?

XLR8 Dual Red Lasers (635nm)

Entry Level Laser The revolutionary XLR8 handheld laser therapy device. This dual-diode work horse was the first to receive FDA clearance for chronic neck & shoulder pain and has stood as a pillar in laser therapy for 10+ years. This is our most popular entry-level laser — New to laser therapy? Then the XLR8 is the laser for you! Shown to stimulate complex 4.

EVRL Violet & Red Laser (405nm & 635nm)

Most Popular The EVRL, since its release, has become our most popular handheld device by offering the versatility of a red and violet wavelength taking outcomes to a whole new level. By combining these two specific wavelengths into one treatment modality, patients received better results during clinical studies than using just 635nm alone. This device also has the unique ability for antibacterial & antimicrobial treatments. Experience the versatility of this incredible technology ​ Shown to stimulate complex 1, 2 & 4

GVL ( 520nm & 405nm )

New Release The GVL was shown to be the most effective wavelength combination for the increase of ROM and decrease in pain in a single session. This is currently the first and only green wavelength laser FDA cleared for pain and inflammation. Unique to the green wavelength is the ability to affect complex 3 in the ETC. No other wavelength can impact this complex, and it is critical for moving to complex 4 to produce ATP. Shown to stimulate complex 1, 2 & 3.

Take Your Clinic to the Next Level

For optimal impact on the ETC, all three wavelengths are essential. Violet is crucial for affecting complexes 1 and 2, green is necessary for complex 3, and red is vital for complex 4. Therefore, to holistically support your patient’s mitochondrial function, the integration of all three wavelengths is indispensable.

Infrared does not possess the requisite electron volts (eV) to influence any complex.

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