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  • SKU: ActiveResistiveExerciseBandKit
    Active Resistive Exercise Band Kit $12.65$18.15 Inc GST

    Sanctband Resistive band is a uniquely powder-free option offering linear resistance with extended and repetitive elongation. Attractively color-coded according to varying tensile strengths, it is comfortable to use and long lasting.

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  • SKU: SpiderCord
    Active Resistive Tubing Kit 1.5m with door anchor and handles
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    $14.49 - $19.25 Inc GST

    Sanctband Resistive Exercise Tubing is a lightweight, portable, strength training tool, made using multi-dipping latex manufacturing technology.

    The are produced in a range of resistance levels to suit various sports training and rehabilitation exercise needs. Tensile strengths are color-coded and accessories include door anchors and handles.

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  • Balance Cushions $24.75 - $27.50 Inc GST

    Sanctband Balance Cushion – an inflatable cushion comes with 2 different surfaces that introduce an element of stability to a workout, is ideal for both balance and core training.

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  • CompreFloss Floss Band (2 metres) $11.55$34.65 Inc GST

    CompreFloss is designed to help increase joint mobility, training recovery, rehab and stretch.

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  • Hand Exercisers Stress Ball Egg $8.91 - $9.90 Inc GST

    Sanctband Hand Exerciser is designed to fit neatly into the contours of the hand. Available in four strengths, the tactile sh ape feels great in hand and is ideal for strengthening the flexors of the forearm, wrist and fingers.

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  • SKU: SB3
    Sanctband 3 in 1 Dispenser Pack
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    $187.00 Inc GST Add to cart
  • SKU: Sanctband46m
    Sanctband 46m Roll $77.00$181.50 Inc GST