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    HALO Digital Goniometer / Inclinometer $495.00 Inc GST

    Next generation goniometer

    HALO Medical Devices has developed the next generation digital goniometer.

    The new and proven technology represents an innovative approach to measuring joint range of motion. Practitioners can now use advanced digital and laser technology to deliver and document precision therapy to patients. Available to purchase today.



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    Marodyne LiV – Vibration Plate for Osteoporosis Treatment
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    Just 10 minutes a day
    Low intensity vibration therapy is an alternative or adjunct to exercise for gaining muscle strength.

    • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia – When ageing there is a natural decline in bone density and bone strength. The growth of new bone tissue decreases and the degradation of existing bone increases. In osteoporosis, there is such a deterioration of bone that it becomes brittle and easy to break. The precise Low Intensity vibration produced by the LivMD is medically certified as a safe and effective treatment for osteoporosis and osteopenia, without any know side effects.  LivMD helps maintain and stimulate the growth of your bones and can prevent or reverse the conditions of osteoporosis and osteopenia.
    • Beneficial for Older Adults/Senior Rehab – For those who find it difficult to exercise or for whom certain forms of exercise may be unsafe.
    • Based on Science  – Decades of research show that low-intensity vibration stimulates regeneration of skeletal muscle fibers (>30%) and increases blood circulation, supplying more oxygen to tissue, muscles and organs. FDA has concluded LIV signal a “non-significant risk device.”
    • Restores Joint Mobility  – LivMD helps restore motion to joints, an important factor for anyone recovering from a joint injury or surgery.
    • Enhances Musculoskeletal Health  – LIV stimulates stem cell activity that rebuilds muscle mass and improves bone health, cells that would otherwise direct toward adipose (fat cells).2, 3, 4
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    MelMak Fracture Healing System
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    The Melmak Device delivers a low intensity pulsed ultrasound to the fracture site.

    The Melmak Lipus Ultrasound has been especially designed for patient self-treatment. Once the ultrasound head has been strapped into position over the fracture site, simply press the on/off button to start the treatment

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