HALO Digital Goniometer / Inclinometer

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Next generation goniometer

HALO Medical Devices has developed the next generation digital goniometer.

The new and proven technology represents an innovative approach to measuring joint range of motion. Practitioners can now use advanced digital and laser technology to deliver and document precision therapy to patients. Available to purchase today.



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Improves patient care and enhances practice management

Some Key Advantages and Specifications Include:

  • Higher accuracy +/1 degree
  • One handed use – you can now support your patient’s limb with your free hand.
  • Faster measurements, clear, large LCD display delivers reading for you, with no guesswork.
  • Collimated laser beams project the full length of any limb to intersect with anatomical landmarks for repeatable measurements.


Designed For

Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy

To the Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist. HALO was designed by our Australian Physiotherapy team for you. This industry is competitive and we need to present and practice with the best tools available to separate from competing professions. The manual or standard goniometer is over 40 years old and when used between two therapists has an error of up to 35 degrees. Good enough for your profession? No. Absolutely not. If your clinic, hospital, practice has more than one therapist then you have an inter-rater issue: Error between your therapists when measuring joints. This is the very problem we have solved with HALO. Patients report feeling a greater sense of trust with you when having HALO used on them, because they can see it is the latest technology. In their minds you are using the best tools which translates to patients feeling you offer a superior level of care. Besides superior benefits of HALO, such as the 1 degree of accuracy and the ability to capture any joint range in less than 5 seconds. Trust is key in keeping the patient, private client, returning to your practice. HALO is designed to evolve the practice of joint ranging, with its accuracy, reliability and speed.

Occupational Therapy

HALO is proven to deliver fast, accurate results for Occupational Therapists. If your measuring a wheel chair for the correct patient fit or assessing step angles within the patients home to optimize their recovery and quality of life. HALO is designed to be in your pocket, ready on command, during home assessments and on hospital wards. With an anti bacterial coating you can be assured HALO is extra safe to use on all your patients, in any environment, without the need for cleaning. Occupational therapy is a competitive profession. We offer the technology to optimize your delivery of care. We designed HALO to do this, with speed, reliability and with zero infection risk, just for you.


When is comes to the complexity of the lower limb we have found Podiatrists choose HALO. The laser markers allow you to align HALO along any length limb. How do we know we have this covered? Because we designed the laser length on HALO based off the limb length of basketball players. Why does this matter? Because without the arms of a tool being long enough to intersect with landmarks on the body, there is no repeatable measure. Repeatable measures are critical in understanding if the patient if improving or getting worse on each visit. Lead your profession using the advanced technology, designed to help.

Paediatric Therapists

We know children don’t sit still for long, they need extra support and care. We know you need eight hands instead of two when assessing and treating the Paediatric patient. Know we had you in mind when making HALO. When you take joint ranges you will have a free hand to stretch out the contractures to measure range of the child with Cerebral Palsy and you will have a free hand to steady the wriggly child that wont stop moving. HALO is designed to look appealing to children and we will offer HALO in a variety of colours to you soon. Accurate, Speedy joint measurements all captured in a single hand are yours today.?


We believe optimal assessment and rehabilitation of animals is essential. Veterinarian Medicine often requires assessment of joint angles to look at such conditions as lameness in the area of Equine or in post surgery ranges on animals like dogs and cats. Taking precision joint ranges to understand the efficacy of treatment objectively in animals is even more essential than in humans, as the luxury of specific subjective measures is predominately absent. Objective measures and tools that capture them are therefore of great importance. Support and secure your patient with one hand while taking range with your free hand. You no longer need to use two hands to capture joint range with HALO. With a durable casing ideal for any Vet Clinic, HALO offers you a new level of precision to capture range with speed and accuracy.

HALO specifications

Dimensions (h x w x d): 88 mm x 88 mm x 17 mm

Weight: 85 g

LCD: 2.4-inch (diagonal) backlit display with 50mm x 28mm viewing area, providing 184 x 320 pixels in full colour. LCD is TFT type.

Battery: Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1050 mAh)

Laser: Low-level, Class 1, safe beam laser

Charging: Via Micro USB port or Supplied power adaptor (Input:100-240 V AC, Output:5 V DC,?50/60 Hz, 1A)

Operating Temperature Range: 10C to +40C

Compatibility: PC, Mac (no data is transferred)

Compliance: Designed to comply with IEC 60601-1 and CE mark of European Conformity. Complies with part 15B of the FCC rules.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 7 × 5 cm
What's in the box?

1. HALO Digital Goniometer
2. USB Charging cable & USB to micro USB connector
3. Quick-Start Guide Booklet

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    Such a great device to have as a sole practitioner on the road

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