Knee injuries can often result from activities that are strenuous, whether they are on the sporting field, from occupational activities or in the workplace. Providing support to your entire body  weight, it is important to protect and support your knee area. RehaCare   range of knee support products, including braces and straps provide your knee and surrounding ligament area with effective support during sporting activities, or when recovering from an injury or persisting chronic pain.

Some of our popular products include the Neo G open and closed knee support braces which use heat therapy to provide compression and support to knee pain and ligament injuries. It utilises metal spiral stays to help support the knee complex whilst still allowing open knee support, in the form of controlled and flexible movement. They are anatomically designed to relieve pressure and promote stability by eliminating glide and twisting at the knee.

Regardless of how serious the pain is, RehaCare ensures that our range of knee support products can help with reducing the pain of injured knees, and is an especially effective post-surgery rehab tool. If you suffer from chronic knee pain, our knee braces are the perfect product for alleviating the symptoms of arthritic and meniscus pain, so be sure to check out our selection of products today!