Photobiomodulation Treatment for the healing of acute and chronic wounds.


EmoLED is a class IIa, hand-held medical device TGA registered for use as an adjuvant in the healing of acute and chronic wounds. The device’s optical head contains 6 advanced LEDs in the visible-blue spectrum between 400-430nm. The emission spectra of EmoLED match the absorption of chromophores naturally present in wounded tissues targeting hemeproteins and cytochromes for therapy in addition to standard care protocols.

The photophysical effects of EmoLED therapy aims to strengthen the electron transport chain and cellular energy production (ATP) via targets including Cytochrome C and Cyt C Oxidase. Cellular respiration by-products in the form of reactive oxygen species (ROS) directly affect local factors relevant to wound healing including oxidative stress and inflammatory infiltrate activity.

Clinical publications report EmoLED application can directly probe key inflammatory cells relevant to chronic and and complex healing while promoting known inflammatory markers to switch from a pro-inflammation (M1) to pro-healing (M2) status.

Why EmoLED:

EmoLED Blue Light

Using EmoLED


EmoLED is a medical device to aid in skin lesion healing. It uses LED sources that emit blue light and has a sophisticated optical system that facilitates homogeneous and controlled emission. Its operation is based on the direct transfer of photonic energy from the device to the patient, without the intervention of mediators (chemical or medicinal additives) and is patented. EmoLED is designed and manufactured in Italy, according to the regulations applicable to class aII medical devices. Light, compact and portable; EmoLED must be used by specialist personnel.

Rapid Treatment

The standard application time with EmoLED is 60 seconds per lesion area; each application is performed in a circular area with 50 mm diameter. In case of larger wounds, the full treatment will consist of several successive applications on the adjacent zones until the full wound area is covered.

Easy to Perform

To help the operator, the device has software installed that automatically calculates the number of applications necessary to treat the entire lesion. The operator merely has to enter the dimensions of the wound using the touch screen with the device’s user-friendly interface.

Non-Invasive & Painless

The device is contact-free: a distance of 4 cm from the wound bed must be maintained during treatment. An optoelectronic sensor and a visible distance indicator on the touchscreen help the operator to identify and maintain the correct position during use. The treatment is tolerated well by patients

Safe for the Patient & Operator

During treatment, the device emits light only if positioned at the correct distance from the target area. It includes an accessory for visual comfort and safety glasses for the operator. The device is rechargeable and turns on only if the battery charge is sufficient to cover the entire cycle of the planned applications.


EmoLED therapy is supported by a multi-centre, randomised trial titled BLUR (Blue Light for Ulcer Reduction). This clinical trial enrolled 90 patients monitoring 119 wounds, with a median wound age of 5.5 years representing a genuine real world sample of chronic, non-healing wounds. BLUR reported a significant improvement in the rate of re-epithelisation of non-healing wounds in the group assigned to receive EmoLED therapy for 60-seconds per 20cm2 in addition to standard care. This was particularly evident for the venous ulcer sub-group.

Suggest using hyperlinked paper cover of the study that links to the journals hosting website.

Following the peer-reviewed publication of BLUR, cases publications have grown considerably from all around the wound reporting similar observations of improved tissue regeneration following photo biomodulation therapy with EmoLED in a range of aetiologies including; burns, lower leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

Clinic research into improved outcomes with EmoLED therapy is ongoing – contact us to learn more


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