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The Lunula cold laser for fungal nail infections has repeatedly been described as one of the best investments for a podiatry clinic for the otherwise challenging and difficult-to-treat problem of onychomycosis. As with any new therapy, however, it’s important to consider whether it will be the right fit for a clinic at this time, how it will fit in with their current processes and service offerings, what the response from patients will be, the financial risk and potential return – and if it just feels right.

Having worked alongside clinic owners for years whose goal is to make the best decisions for their clinics (and their livelihood) when it comes to onboarding new therapies, we’re here to make the process as simple as possible for you so you can see the benefits of Lunula laser for your clinic and your patients, yourself. With lockdowns posing significant and often unpredictable restrictions when it comes to accessing and exploring a demonstration model of the Lunula laser, and an online video being insufficient for many, we’re offering a three-month trial of a brand new Lunula laser unit, delivered to your clinic, at a fraction of the full cost. Here’s how the trial works, what you can expect, and why the Lunula laser may make a valuable addition to your practice – and your income.


Lunula Laser: An Overview

How it works

The Lunula laser is a portable device that is designed to destroy fungal nail infections without heat, medications or endless applications of creams or lacquers. It uses a unique dual-wavelength approach, meaning that it administers two laser wavelengths simultaneously across all of the toes to produce its antifungal effects:

405nm – this blue beam damages the fungus, causing changes in the outer cell walls, weakening the cells significantly, and allowing the body to attack and effectively clear the fungal infection

635nm – this red beam works on the body’s natural immune cells, stimulating and fortifying them to effectively destroy the weakened fungus. This beam also improves circulation in the feet, bringing additional nutrients and immune cells in the blood to speed up the treatment process

For those that want to know the technicalities of these actions, together the beams produce peroxynitrite, a compound that has potent anti-microbial effects, triggering cell destruction from its cytotoxic effects. This compound is formed when nitric oxide reacts with reactive oxygen species. Lunula’s 635nm diode enhances mitochondrial energy metabolism which generates the nitric oxide, and the 405nm diode is the best producer of reaction oxygen species, both within the visible light spectrum. Together, they produce the peroxynitrite.

The evidence

Recent meta-analyses of research over the last decade has found impressive efficacy results for cold laser. Using the Lunula LaserTM for 12 minutes, once a week for four weeks yielded significantly more rapid results than lengthy topical or oral medication options, with far greater success rates.1 An impressive 89% of participants experienced significant clear nail increase, with a 67% treatment success rate2, and clinical cure and mycological cure rates of 70% and 95% respectively. Over time, these figures increased to 95% by 12 months, with 100% of participants experiencing new unaffected nail growth3. Further studies have confirmed success rates as high as 86%, extending to 99% at 48 weeks after treatment.4

When discussing lasers for fungal nail infections, it’s also important to note the significant difference between cold laser and other thermal laser options. Cold laser has repeatedly achieved treatment results that range from similar to superior, compared to hot laser. Beyond clinical efficacy, there’s one crucial differentiating factor: cold laser has no side effects or risks, while hot laser carries a significant risk of burns in a manual application process susceptible to user error, making it unsuitable for a range of people including those with neuropathy and circulatory (and hence healing) difficulties.

The benefits

Aside from the high success rates, the Lunula laser also has no contraindications, side effects or reports of adverse events across any of the studies. It causes no pain to the patient and no temperature increases to the nail plate or the skin.5 Once the foot is placed into the device, the treatment is entirely automated and hands-off for the clinician. Many podiatrists leverage this time to provide further education about re-infection prevention and home environment management, provide a UV service for shoes as a treatment adjunct, complete paperwork, and further take the time to discuss any questions with patients.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that contributes to the Lunula laser’s popularity is the profitability while delivering a genuine and much-needed answer to a challenging foot problem. An analysis of clinics using the laser in three different socioeconomic areas with varying appointment charges found that after all expenses including financing costs, initial marketing costs and ongoing promotional costs, clinics were profiting between $25,000 and $130,000 annually from a single device.


The Lunula Laser Trial

Despite its efficacy, ease of use and benefits, it’s still important for many clinic owners to feel confident and comfortable with the Lunula laser device in person before committing to a purchase. This is why we offer a three-month trial period of a brand new Lunula laser unit for your clinic.

During the trial period, your Lunula laser device is delivered to your clinic and your team will receive ongoing support including training on how to use the device, as well as marketing materials around effective new patient acquisition strategies.

There is a monthly rental fee of A$1,950.00 + GST, the sum of which is absorbed if you wish to purchase the device during the trial, being put towards the cost of the device and making the trial free. If the trial concludes and you do not feel that the device is a valuable addition to your clinic, then the device can be returned at any point, in the original condition and packaging without any cost aside from the owing monthly rental payments.

The goal of the trial is to show you what clinics worldwide have found – the ease, simplicity and substantial benefits of the Lunula laser. We are available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns throughout the trial period, to ensure you feel confident with your experience with the laser.

Ready To Try The Lunula Laser?

We currently have hundreds of clinics profiting from the benefits of Lunula laser while their patients get much-needed relief from the frustrating problem of nail fungus. If you’re ready to see how the Lunula laser can integrate into your clinic and become a valuable asset to your business, contact our Lunula Laser Australia Customer Service on 1300 653 522 or at info@lunula.com.au.


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