Diabetic & Pregnant Patients: What Is The Best Fungal Nail Treatment To Offer – And What To Avoid?

Fungal nail infections are a common and frustrating problem affecting between 10% and 23% of people worldwide [1], a figure that skyrockets up to 50% in those aged 70 [...]

The Unexpected Benefits Of Antifungal Nail Laser For Clinics And Their Patients

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What’s the Difference Between InterX and a TENS?

You may find yourself wondering what is the difference between InterX® vs TENS? This blog will break down the differences between the two. InterX® InterX® therapy is noninvasive interactive neurostimulation [...]

Melmak & Fracture Healing: Updated Research & Evidence

Of the estimated 156,000 fractures resulting from poor bone health within a year in Australia1, approximately 5-10% demonstrate delayed healing or non-union2, a figure that is set to increase [...]

Unsure If Lunula Is Right For You? Trial It With Us

The Lunula cold laser for fungal nail infections has repeatedly been described as one of the best investments for a podiatry clinic for the otherwise challenging and difficult-to-treat problem [...]

Why does my wrist hurt? Have I got a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel syndrome, or Arthritis?

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Your 2021 Lunula Laser Marketing Strategy

The emerging field of podiatry is an exciting one – it’s constantly growing, evolving and diversifying with the publication of new research, and the development of new medical products [...]

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Fungal Nail Infections?

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Fungal Nail Infections? Representing half of all nail abnormalities in adults,2 fungal nail infections have long been a point of frustration for [...]

Treatment Options and Buying Guide for Plantar Fasciitis Relief

RehaCare stocks a full range of Plantar Fasciitis splints and supports. Our range has been developed to provide sufferers of this painful condition with many choices and options to [...]

Lunula – The Science Behind the Light

We present here the video recording of Robert Sullivan’s webinar on the topic of Lunula Laser – The Science Behind the Light. If you would like to get a [...]

Braces for Foot Injuries


Why You Should Stop Using A Goniometer – 5 Reasons

The Kinesics App is a range of motion software solution for any professional conducting range of motion evaluations. At Kinesics, data comes first. We have done our homework to [...]

What is the Best Nail Fungus Treatment of 2018?

Nail Fungus Treatment of 2018 DID YOU KNOW? More than 10% of the general population has onychomycosis. Fungal nail problems are often ignored because of its uncomfortable nature and [...]