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What’s the Difference Between InterX and a TENS?

You may find yourself wondering what is the difference between InterX® vs TENS? This blog will break down the differences between the two. InterX® InterX® therapy is noninvasive interactive neurostimulation that works over the skin. It is only “skin” deep, so unlike a TENS, the depth of penetration is more superficial, therefore, not causing muscle contraction […]

Why does my wrist hurt? Have I got a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel syndrome, or Arthritis?

Too much time spent on your hands? Wrist pain can cause significant disruption in your daily living and lifestyle activities, from pain sensation during the night to simple tasks of carrying objects. Rehacare is here to provide you with an extensive range of rehabilitation products to relieve signs of pain/ discomfort, ensuring you can get […]

Use of Non Invasive Neurostimulation (InterX) for a Acute Wrist Fracture

How do I explain the InterX to my patients? What is InterX? – A ReviewThe InterX is an electrical device that provides Interactive Neurostimulation. It delivers electrical pulses, which stimulate the skin at the area of pain/inflammation. This stimulation has an interactive nature – each signal from the device communicates with the nervous system through […]