Why does my wrist hurt? Have I got a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel syndrome, or Arthritis?

Too much time spent on your hands? Wrist pain can cause significant disruption in your daily living and lifestyle activities, from pain sensation during the night to simple tasks of carrying objects. Rehacare is here to provide you with an extensive range of rehabilitation products to relieve signs of pain/ discomfort, ensuring you can get back to a routine as quickly as possible.



Repetitive strain injury can have a painful effect on your wrist if left untreated or unmanaged.  Effective splints, ergonomics and braces can help to ease the pain.

Try these simple home therapies:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a neuropathy condition caused by the compression of the median nerve as it is passed through the wrist joint. The sensation of numbness, tingling and pain can affect your way of living.

With an effective brace, your pain can be managed. Check out our CTS range:



Arthritic pain sensation can be a common cause of wrist pain. Our arthritis gloves and active glove range; can help to increase blood circulation whilst providing compression for warmth to your joints.

Check out our full range of IMAK arthritis sleeves/gloves: