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You’ve never cooled like this before…
See why UnderCool is the world’s #1 invisible cooling vest.

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What is UnderCool?

UnderCool is a lightweight garment designed to keep you cool and comfortable in any situation. The unisex design can be worn under virtually anything! Unlike other cooling garments, you can wear UnderCool directly on your skin. With UnderCool you can stay cool and look it too!

How does UnderCool work?

UnderCool uses cooling packs made from phase change material to keep you cool and comfortable. Our phase change material is a specialized material that is chemically engineered to freeze at 21C. Our packs are designed to keep you cool and comfortable without causing ice burns. That’s why our cooling vest and cooling packs are safe to wear directly on your skin.

Our cooling packs re-freeze in any environment under 21C. Ice water, freezer or refrigerator will re-freeze the packs. 20 minutes in ice water, 40 minutes in the freezer or 60 minutes in the fridge will re-freeze the packs.

The packs last 1-2 hours depending on your personal level of heat, level of activity and ambient temperature: 2+ hours if you’re wearing it inside an air-conditioned area; 2 hours if you’re doing light housework; 1.5 hours if you are outside doing gardening or taking a brisk walk; 1 hour if you are on a treadmill or exercising, under 1 hour in extreme temperatures.

UnderCool uses multiple layers to maximize cooling effect and duration. The garment is made of comfortable wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry and features mesh panels for maximum breathability. The phase change material packs are lightweight and flexible. UnderCool features velcro for easy on and off application and adjustable straps for the best fit.

What are the benefits of UnderCool?


No one wants a bulky cooling vest weighing them down. That’s why UnderCool cooling vest weighs less than 1 kg including the cooling packs.


Made from breathable mesh and wicking fabrics, UnderCool is designed to keep you cool and dry. Our flexibility is unmatched.


Our slim design conforms to your shape, you can even wear UnderCool under your clothes. You can stay cool and no one else has to know.

UnderCool Unisex Sizing Guide


Mens Waist

Womens Waist

XXS 20”-24” 51cm-61cm 18”-22” 45cm-55cm
Extra Small 24”-28” 61cm-71cm 24”-28” 61cm-71cm
Small 28”-32” 71cm-81cm 28”-32” 71cm-81cm
Medium 34”-38” 86cm-97cm 34”-38” 86cm-97cm
Large 40”-46” 102cm-116cm 40”-46” 102cm-116cm
XL 48”-52” 121cm-132cm 48”-52” 121cm-132cm
XXL 54”+ 137cm+ 54”+ 137cm+

*Waist Measurement: If you bend to the side, you will crease in the middle of your body; this is your natural waist. That’s where you want to take your waist measurement.

Womens Sizing Guide:

Please note sizing is dependent on waist size not bust size.

Unisex Sizing Guide:

ThermApparel recommends ordering a size smaller than your usual T-shirt size.
(If you wear a large T-shirt, a medium UnderCool will fit best.)

NDIS Registered

RehaCare is NDIS registered. We can supply the UnderCool to you and if you are plan-managed or self-managed, you can submit the invoice to your plan manager or the NDIS directly.
If you are agency managed, we are registered to bill the NDIS directly on your behalf. Contact us at info@rehacare.com.au to discuss your options.

XS, S, M, L, XL

Bundle Type

UnderCool (1 White Vest + 1 Cooling Pack Set), UnderCool (1 Black Vest + 1 Cooling Pack Set), Festival (1 Black Vest + 2 Cooling Pack Sets), Festival (1 White Vest + 2 Cooling Pack Sets), Adventure (2 Black Vests + 2 Cooling Pack Sets), Adventure (2 White Vests + 2 Cooling Pack Sets), Adventure (1 Black Vest + 1 White Vest + 2 Cooling Pack Sets)

Cooling Pack Options

Extended Cooling, Slim Cooling, 1 Set Slim Cooling & 1 Set Extended Cooling

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