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What’s the Difference Between InterX and a TENS?

You may find yourself wondering what is the difference between InterX® vs TENS? This blog will break down the differences between the two. InterX® InterX® therapy is noninvasive interactive neurostimulation that works over the skin. It is only “skin” deep, so unlike a TENS, the depth of penetration is more superficial, therefore, not causing muscle contraction […]

Melmak & Fracture Healing: Updated Research & Evidence

Of the estimated 156,000 fractures resulting from poor bone health within a year in Australia1, approximately 5-10% demonstrate delayed healing or non-union2, a figure that is set to increase as the survival rate for people with serious injuries improves.3 These delayed or non-healing fractures put a strain on both people, their families and the health […]

Unsure If Lunula Is Right For You? Trial It With Us

The Lunula cold laser for fungal nail infections has repeatedly been described as one of the best investments for a podiatry clinic for the otherwise challenging and difficult-to-treat problem of onychomycosis. As with any new therapy, however, it’s important to consider whether it will be the right fit for a clinic at this time, how […]