HALO Digital Goniometer

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 Product Features

  • Accurate within 1 degree. The new standard has arrived
  • Single Handed to use. So you can write or support your patient
  • Long Lasers intersect landmarks for a repeatable measure
  • Pocket size. It is with you when ever you need
  • Measures in 3 planes. You can take any range, in 5 seconds
  • Durable Casing. To survive that accidental drop from your desk

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How to use, HALO, The Next Generation Digital Goniometer

How it Works

Shoulder, Elbow & Finger

Hip, Knee & Ankle


Accessories - Strap


University of Western Australia – The University of Western Australia, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, School of Podiatric Medicine. Study Title: Intra and inter-rater reliability of the HALO digital goniometer and the tractograph in a podiatric setting: a comparative study.

Authors: Claire Forde, Lucy Johnston, Emily Longo and Fiona Sherriff, A/Prof Jennifer Bryant

Abstract: Joint angles are commonly measured in the podiatric setting to determine the range of motion and position of a joint in order to make assumptions regarding foot function.

UWA Study Report

Bond University – Assessment of shoulder active range of motion in prone versus supine: a reliability and concurrent validity study James Furness BPhty, Scott Johnstone PT, DPT, Wayne Hing PT, PhD, Allan Abbott PT, PhD & Mike Climstein PhD.

Hand Clinic Australian Physiotherapy Association – Measurement of wrist joint range of motion using the HALO digital goniometer versus the universal goniometer. A Pilot study. Hand Therapy – The Clinical Research Institute

Hand Clinic Australian Physiotherapy Association Study

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