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For Therapists, Patients, Elite Sports, Surgeons, Students, Researchers, Pre Employment Screenings.
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  • Accurate within 1 degree. The new standard has arrived
  • Single Handed to use. So you can write or support your patient
  • Long Lasers intersect landmarks for a repeatable measure
  • Pocket size. It is with you when ever you need
  • Measures in 3 planes. You can take any range, in 5 seconds
  • Durable Casing. To survive that accidental drop from your desk

HALO Medical Devices Innovates Tools for therapists in the areas of Elite Sport, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation and Animal Physiotherapy. Our aim is to deliver evidence based tools that serve the patient and professional. Designed by the profession for the professional. We aim to improve Healthcare by connecting patients and therapists through our technology.

HALO - Digital Goniometer

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Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy

To the Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist. HALO was designed by our Australian Physiotherapy team for you. This industry is competitive and we need to present and practice with the best tools available to separate from competing professions. The manual or standard goniometer is over 40 years old and when used between two therapists has an error of up to 35 degrees. Good enough for your profession? No. Absolutely not. If your clinic, hospital, practice has more than one therapist then you have an inter-rater issue: Error between your therapists when measuring joints. This is the very problem we have solved with HALO. Patients report feeling a greater sense of trust with you when having HALO used on them, because they can see it is the latest technology. In their minds you are using the best tools which translates to patients feeling you offer a superior level of care. Besides superior benefits of HALO, such as the 1 degree of accuracy and the ability to capture any joint range in less than 5 seconds. Trust is key in keeping the patient, private client, returning to your practice. HALO is designed to evolve the practice of joint ranging, with its accuracy, reliability and speed. Lead the way, use HALO. Read what other therapists are saying about HALO

Students & Universities

We ensure students use the best tools. Students have enough to focus on during their days of study and don’t deserve to be held back by redundant tools. Students demand the latest technology; after all they use this in their lives every single day. HALO offers this. When measuring joints students report reading out the wrong numbers to examiners, not knowing how to use a goniometer, guessing ranges and holding the goniometer over the joint the wrong way. Any of these problems sound familiar? Yes, we have heard you, which is why we want to equip the next generation of therapists with the best. Here at HALO Medical Devices we support Educational facilities with additional, exclusive Inventor to University support. One on one support to your tutors. We believe its essential to offer this technology to you so you can provide your students an even greater learning experience and to separate your University or College from the next.


When is comes to the complexity of the lower limb we have found Podiatrists choose HALO. The laser markers allow you to align HALO along any length limb. How do we know we have this covered? Because we designed the laser length on HALO based off the limb length of basketball players. Why does this matter? Because without the arms of a tool being long enough to intersect with landmarks on the body, there is no repeatable measure. Repeatable measures are critical in understanding if the patient if improving or getting worse on each visit. Lead your profession using the advanced technology, designed to help.

Occupational Therapy

HALO is proven to deliver fast, accurate results for Occupational Therapists. If your measuring a wheel chair for the correct patient fit or assessing step angles within the patients home to optimize their recovery and quality of life. HALO is designed to be in your pocket, ready on command, during home assessments and on hospital wards. With an anti bacterial coating you can be assured HALO is extra safe to use on all your patients, in any environment, without the need for cleaning. Occupational therapy is a competitive profession. We offer the technology to optimize your delivery of care. We designed HALO to do this, with speed, reliability and with zero infection risk, just for you. Read on.

UNSW Medicine Prince of Wales Clinical School

University of Western Australia – The University of Western Australia, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, School of Podiatric Medicine. Study Title: Intra and inter-rater reliability of the HALO digital goniometer and the tractograph in a podiatric setting: a comparative study.

Authors: Claire Forde, Lucy Johnston, Emily Longo and Fiona Sherriff, A/Prof Jennifer Bryant

Abstract: Joint angles are commonly measured in the podiatric setting to determine the range of motion and position of a joint in order to make assumptions regarding foot function.

UWA Study Report

Bond University – Assessment of shoulder active range of motion in prone versus supine: a reliability and concurrent validity study James Furness BPhty, Scott Johnstone PT, DPT, Wayne Hing PT, PhD, Allan Abbott PT, PhD & Mike Climstein PhD.

Hand Clinic Australian Physiotherapy Association – Measurement of wrist joint range of motion using the HALO digital goniometer versus the universal goniometer. A Pilot study. Hand Therapy – The Clinical Research Institute

Hand Clinic Australian Physiotherapy Association Study


Professor W.Walsh with Research Associate T.Wang. UNSW Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratory. Sydney, AUSTRALIA Halo the Digital Goniometer and Inclinometer attached to the Laboratory Robot for direct comparison of Robot Verus HALO angles. Results on accuracy to be viewed in the 30 second video below.

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How to use, HALO, The Next Generation Digital Goniometer