Treatment Options and Buying Guide for Plantar Fasciitis Relief

RehaCare stocks a full range of Plantar Fasciitis splints and supports. Our range has been developed to provide sufferers of this painful condition with many choices and options to achieve the best relief possible for their exact symptoms within their budget. The first question to ask when choosing a plantar fasciitis relief is whether you […]

4 Signs You Have A Fungal Nail Infection – And How To Stop It

Fungal nail infections are frustrating. One day you have healthy, clear and normal nails, and the next you’re watching your nails worsen until they’re barely recognisable as your own. While some may try to hide their nails in enclosed footwear, others will waste money on treatments that have little effect– except for using up their […]

Arthritis Supports

Arthritis is an umbrella term used to refer different types of conditions where damage is caused to a group of joints. They each have a different cause and can affect individuals of all ages, and different stages of life. While individuals can manage, their arthritis using medication, physiotherapy and exercise, the pain can often be [...]

Wrist and Thumb Support for Arthritis

RehaCare offers a range of wrist and thumb supports that help alleviate the pain and symptoms of strains, sprains and instability of the wrist and thumb. More specifically, our range of wrist and thumb support for arthritis provides compression, support and immediate relief. They are designed to assist with recovery and reduce pain for various [...]

Lunula Laser Webinar

Lunula laser Webinar – Case Studies Discussions October 24th, 2018 If you’re using the Lunula cold laser in your practice or are wanting to learn more about the real results we’re seeing with the laser, then this article is exactly for you. Last month, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking LIVE with Lunula expert, [...]

Use of Non Invasive Neurostimulation (InterX) for a Acute Wrist Fracture

How do I explain the InterX to my patients? What is InterX? – A ReviewThe InterX is an electrical device that provides Interactive Neurostimulation. It delivers electrical pulses, which stimulate the skin at the area of pain/inflammation. This stimulation has an interactive nature – each signal from the device communicates with the nervous system through […]